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page last edited on 24 July 2017

Contents of X-Cart /var directory

Version: 5.4 and early

In the /var folder of an X-Cart store, the following subfolders can be found:

  • var/log - X-Cart log files;
  • var/run - compiled classes and template files;
  • var/tmp - some temporary files;
  • var/datacache – stores X-Cart data cache files;
  • var/resources - compiled LESS files, as well as aggregated CSS & JS files;
  • var/backup - database backups and files backups;
  • var/data - safe mode access key;
  • var/import - files for import;
  • var/export - files for export;
  • var/images - resized product and category images (like product thumbnails and category icons);
  • var/locale - translation files for text labels in the format for the gettext driver;
  • var/theme - custom.css and custom.js contain the code added through the "Custom CSS" and "Custom JS" sections, respectively.