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page last edited on 14 November 2016

5.0.10 - 15 Jan 2014

Version: 5.5

List of updated modules 

  • AuthorizeNet

  • Egoods

  • Featured Products

  • Google Analytics

  • Mobile

  • PIN Codes

  • Product Comparison

  • Sale

  • Sales Tax

  • Theme Tweaker

  • VAT

  • Volume Discounts

List of new modules

  • Qiwi

  • Webmoney


  • 2014-01-10 - [Change] The process of updating product details is more clear to customers in front-end. Overlay block is added to the product page(attributes/variants block). Wholesale specific triggers are optimized #XCN-3062 (Maxim Mukhin)

  • 2014-01-08 - [Change] Admin can now download e-goods from admin area. #XCN-2148 (Maxim Mukhin)

  • 2014-01-08 - [Change] Code improvement. "Checkout success page" template and "Go to checkout" button are decoupled. #XCN-3078 (Maxim Shamaev)

  • 2014-01-04 - [Change] "News" section has been added on the  dashboard. #XCN-2970 (Kirill Stadler)

  • 2013-12-27 - [Change] "Safe mode" page is improved in the admin area. #XCN-2863 (Maxim Mukhin)

  • 2013-12-24 - [Change] "Contact Us" page is added to “More” section in Mobile skin. #XCN-2120 (Maxim Mukhin)

  • 2013-12-23 - [Change] Button to switch between Mobile and Desktop versions is added. #XCN-2121 (Maxim Mukhin)

  • 2013-12-23 - [Change] Now you can delete products in bulk in admin area. #XCN-1963 (Kirill Stadler)

  • 2013-12-21 - [Change] Mobile skin. Click-to-dial button is added to the Contact Us page. #XCN-1718 (Maxim Mukhin)

  • 2013-12-20 - [Change] "Help" menu is added to the admin zone. #XCN-2968 (Kirill Stadler)

  • 2013-12-19 - [Change] Dynamic language labels mechanism is added. Now you can define different language values for labels like “X items” depending on X. In other words, labels “1 item” and “5 items” can be defined by a single language variable. #XCN-614 (Maxim Shamaev)

  • 2013-12-18 - [Change] Password is removed from the user notifications. #XCN-2933 (Maxim Shamaev)

  • 2013-12-18 - [Change] Impove 'Save changes' button behavior into items list widgets #XCN-2905 (Maxim Shamaev)

  • 2013-12-11 - [Change] Product selector widget is added to admin area. Featured products list is changed according to the new design. #XCN-2861 (Maxim Mukhin)

  • 2013-12-11 - [Change] Curl connection timeout increased from 5 to 15 seconds; Added REQUEST_LONG_TTL (30 seconds) for potentially long requests to marketplace. #XCN-2919 (Vladimir Semyonov)

  • 2013-12-09 - [Change] First created address in the address book is considered as default for shipping & billing address #XCN-2909 (Maxim Shamaev)

  • 2013-11-29 - [Change] Improved Estimate shipping popup #XCN-2837 (Maxim Shamaev)

  • 2013-11-29 - [Change] Definition of discounts is improved #XCN-1279 (Maxim Shamaev)


  • 2014-01-10 - [Bug] Google Analytics module did not track e-commerce stats. #XCN-1114 (Maxim Shamaev)

  • 2014-01-10 - [Bug] Fatal error during the checkout process if custom address field is defined. Fixed #XCN-3091 (Maxim Mukhin)

  • 2014-01-09 - [Bug] Download link for e-goods is now shown on an invoice. #XCN-2901 (Maxim Mukhin)

  • 2014-01-09 - [Bug] Empty records were created in the orders table in some cases. Fixed #XCN-2459 (Maxim Shamaev)

  • 2014-01-09 - [Bug] "Quick data" building routine is improved. #XCN-2995 (Maxim Shamaev)

  • 2014-01-08 - [Bug] Save changes button was hidden in some cases in admin area. #XCN-3081 (Maxim Mukhin)

  • 2014-01-08 - [Bug] "Delete product" function is improved. #XCN-3040 (Kirill Stadler)

  • 2014-01-06 - [Bug] Corrupted design of recover password page. Fixed #XCN-3071 (Maxim Mukhin)

  • 2014-01-05 - [Bug] Marketplace was not updated correctly in several cases. Fixed #XCN-2927 (Maxim Mukhin)

  • 2013-12-25 - [Bug] Wrong "Sale percent" value because of the "round" function did not work properly. Fixed. #XCN-2989 (Kirill Stadler)

  • 2013-12-25 - [Bug] Maximum width/height of product image is added. #XCN-2104 (Maxim Mukhin)

  • 2013-12-25 - [Bug] Form JS controller has been improved. Autofocus for invalidated element is added. #XCN-2991 (Maxim Shamaev)

  • 2013-12-24 - [Bug] Sale label has been removed from mobile skin products list. #XCN-2712 (Maxim Mukhin)

  • 2013-12-24 - [Bug] Could not add pin codes manually. Fixed. #XCN-2893 (Maxim Mukhin)

  • 2013-12-20 - [Bug] Rounding is added for "OpenTotal" and "PayedTotal" properties of order. #XCN-2984 (Kirill Stadler)

  • 2013-12-18 - [Bug] Minicart width was increased after adding products to the cart. Fixed. #XCN-2999 (Maxim Shamaev)

  • 2013-12-18 - [Bug] Realtime shipping method was taken dynamically on order details page in admin area. Now it is taken from order details. #XCN-2945 (Maxim Shamaev)

  • 2013-12-17 - [Bug] Bug with cursor in textarea on Custom Css page is fixed. #XCN-2985 (Kirill Stadler)

  • 2013-12-13 - [Bug] Added custom Curl adapter for PEAR2\HTTP\Request; Added Curl options to specify values for CURLOPT_CAINFO and CURLOPT_CAPATH to use them for requests to https. #XCN-2844 (Vladimir Semyonov)

  • 2013-12-12 - [Bug] Warning: Missing argument 3 for XLite\Core\Translation::translateByString() is fixed #XCN-2891 (Maxim Shamaev)

  • 2013-12-12 - [Bug] Fixed PHP error in \XLite\Core\Converter::time() appeared in PHP 5.3.2 and caused by the bug in PHP ( #XCN-2947 (Vladimir Semyonov)

  • 2013-12-11 - [Bug] Rebuild cache process improved: This process now uses one .rebuildCache file indicator to prevent process interception by other process. #XCN-2598 (Vladimir Semyonov)

  • 2013-12-10 - [Bug] "Any zone" option is removed for tax rates. "Default" zone is editable now. #XCN-1636 (Kirill Stadler)

  • 2013-12-09 - [Bug] Upgrade note about incompatible modules is changed #XCN-1478 (Maxim Mukhin)

  • 2013-12-09 - [Bug] Reset pagination on the marketplace page after searching modules. #XCN-2898 (Maxim Mukhin)

  • 2013-12-09 - [Bug] Address from "Estimate shipping" popup was saved to the customer address book #XCN-2822 (Maxim Shamaev)

  • 2013-12-07 - [Bug] Uploaded module is added to the recently added modules list #XCN-1882 (Maxim Mukhin)

  • 2013-12-06 - [Bug] Google fonts were taken via HTTP when pages were open via HTTPS. #XCN-2887 (Maxim Mukhin)

  • 2013-12-02 - [Bug] Time interval between attempts to access marketplace after error of connection is increased #XCN-1360 (Maxim Shamaev)

  • 2013-12-02 - [Bug] InitialTransactionType for AuthorizeNetSIM is added #XCN-2779 (Kirill Stadler)

  • 2013-11-30 - [Bug] Categories' quick data was not calculated properly after YAML loading. Fixed #XCN-2518 (Maxim Shamaev)

  • 2013-11-28 - [Bug] Coming soon product link leads to "404" page #XCN-2838 (Maxim Mukhin)

  • 2013-11-25 - [Bug] Popup's "z-index" is increased. #XCN-3031 (Maxim Mukhin)

  • 2013-11-25 - [Bug] Can't change order status on order details page. Fixed. #XCN-2900 (Maxim Shamaev)