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5.0.11 - 18 Feb 2014

List of new modules

  • Add to Cart Popup
  • Product Reviews
  • Related Products

Payment gateways

  • Stripe
  • SagePay

List of updated modules

  • Canada Post
  • Color Schemes
  • FedEx
  • Mobile skin
  • Sale
  • Social Login
  • Theme Tweaker


  • 2014-02-06 - [Change] Admin warnings about SSL errors have been improved. #XCN-3238 (Maxim Mukhin)
  • 2014-02-06 - [Change] Now admin can require users to change password on next log in. #XCN-3211 (Maxim Mukhin)
  • 2014-01-31 - [Change] New page (are you existing customer or would like to proceed as a guest) was added before checkout #XCN-3208 (Maxim Mukhin)
  • 2014-01-31 - [Change] "Back from payment" popup shows when customer clicks "Cancel" button on payment gateway side. #XCN-3203 (Kirill Stadler)
  • 2014-01-29 - [Change] Database backup has been added for Custom JS/CSS. #XCN-3207 (Kirill Stadler)
  • 2014-01-27 - [Change] "Sale" module has been improved. Issues with attributes/variants/taxes have been fixed. #XCN-3093 (Kirill Stadler)
  • 2014-01-23 - [Change] Product position interface is added in categories management section in admin area. #XCN-2973 (Maxim Mukhin)
  • 2014-01-20 - [Change] Product search box is improved: the icon now starts the search process. #XCN-3105 (Vladimir Semyonov)


  • 2014-02-12 - [Bug] Small improvements for drag&drop entities in the admin area. #BUG-47 (Kirill Stadler)
  • 2014-02-10 - [Bug] Could not write cache file tp any directory. Fixed. #BUG-97 (Kirill Stadler)
  • 2014-02-10 - [Bug] Added the possibility to drop classes cache by requesting the special URL. Re-building cache routine improved: Added JS code to prevent user to leave page while cache is re-building. #BUG-63 (Vladimir Semyonov)
  • 2014-02-07 - [Bug] JS error on the cart page is fixed. Mobile skin. #BUG-57 (Maxim Mukhin)
  • 2014-02-07 - [Bug] MySQL tables with non-X-Cart 5 perfix were dropped during installation. #BUG-95 (Kirill Stadler)
  • 2014-02-07 - [Bug] Dragging product to cart process has been improved. #BUG-77 (Kirill Stadler)
  • 2014-01-30 - [Bug] Customer could re-order other customers' orders. Fixed. #XCN-3268 (Kirill Stadler)
  • 2014-01-24 - [Bug] Datarangepicker jQuery plugin has been updated. #XCN-3196 (Maxim Shamaev)
  • 2014-01-23 - [Bug] Wrong URL for "Store information" link on the dashboard. #XCN-3192 (Maxim Mukhin)
  • 2014-01-23 - [Bug] Product images with the same filename were not saved properly. #XCN-3193 (Maxim Mukhin)
  • 2014-01-23 - [Bug] Checkout: picking address from address book did not update delivery methods and taxes. Fixed. #XCN-3195 (Maxim Shamaev)
  • 2014-01-23 - [Bug] Customer area. Access denied page after language changing on the order details page. #XCN-3191 (Maxim Mukhin)
  • 2014-01-23 - [Bug] Your storefront link has been improved. #XCN-3186 (Maxim Shamaev)
  • 2014-01-22 - [Bug] Modules could not be installed in some cases: when the module had custom license and updates were available for it. Fixed. #XCN-3179 (Maxim Mukhin)
  • 2014-01-21 - [Bug] FedEx module. PHP notices were fixed. #XCN-3172 (Vladimir Semyonov)
  • 2014-01-21 - [Bug] Popup dialog did not work properly after closing. #XCN-3119 (Maxim Mukhin)
  • 2014-01-21 - [Bug] Marketplace communications improved. REQUEST_LONG_TTL increased up to 60 seconds; Flag mpServerError is cleared on visit target=upgrade. #XCN-3183 (Vladimir Semyonov)
  • 2014-01-21 - [Bug] CanadaPost settings form layout was not incorrect. Fixed. #XCN-3167 (Vladimir Semyonov)
  • 2014-01-20 - [Bug] Quick data building process was improved. #XCN-3159 (Maxim Shamaev)
  • 2014-01-20 - [Bug] Sorting removed from Low inventory products and Bestsellers. #XCN-3162 (Vladimir Semyonov)
  • 2014-01-20 - [Bug] Products list (table mode). Wrong Add to bag button was displayed. Column title 'Price' was misaligned. Wrong products were selected from DB to display in category items list. Fixed. #XCN-3157 (Vladimir Semyonov)
  • 2014-01-20 - [Bug] Print invoice button in admin area was misaligned. #XCN-3165 (Vladimir Semyonov)
  • 2014-01-13 - [Bug] Definition of language code for i18n repo. #XCN-3090 (Kirill Stadler)