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page last edited on 28 July 2016

5.2.16 - 28 July 2016

Version: 5.5


  • 2016-07-26 - [Bug] In the cart and minicart, an active Pay with Amazon button was displayed when the cart contained items with an unallowed quantity. #BUG-3576 (Michael Lipinski)
  • 2016-07-22 - [Bug] After a destination address was entered in the Estimate shipping cost popup to estimate the shipping cost for a shopping cart, clicking the Apply destination button caused the selected state to be cleared. #BUG-3558 (Michael Lipinski)
  • 2016-07-22 - [Bug] Negotiated rates were not being returned from DHL although a DHL account details were provided in the store's DHL settings. #BUG-3551 (Maxim Kuznetsov)
  • 2016-07-21 - [Bug] When a product was shared via Twitter and Pinterest, the space character was replaced with a "+". #BUG-3552 (verde)
  • 2016-07-21 - [Bug] When selecting product options/variants on a product page, the product price was updated not only for the product whose options/variants were being selected, but also for the Next/Previous products. #BUG-3556 (verde)
  • 2016-07-18 - [Bug] A Wholesale prices table was wrongly displayed on the product page after a membership-specific price had been set on the product and the Minimum purchase qty setting for that membership had been set to a number greater than 1. #BUG-3493 (Michael Lipinski)
  • 2016-07-18 - [Bug] If a Paypal IPN was received earlier that the customer was returned from the Paypal payment form, the IPN was locked and sent no more. Now it also gets locked, but is sent again. #BUG-3499 (Maxim Kuznetsov)
  • 2016-07-15 - [Bug] Fatal error in logs when a Paypal IPN was received with the method Paypal Adaptive configured. #BUG-3470 (Maxim Kuznetsov)
  • 2016-07-15 - [Bug] The module Multi-vendor can no longer be disabled, only removed. #BUG-3391 (Maxim Kuznetsov)
  • 2016-07-13 - [Bug] When importing products with variants or with images, an error was generated (Import Error: "Error of image loading. Make sure the "images" directory has write permissions."). #BUG-3464 (Vladimir Semyonov)
  • 2016-07-12 - [Bug] AmazonS3Module: Product variant images were not moved to the Amazon S3 server. Fixed. #BUG-3442 (Vladimir Semyonov)
  • 2016-07-11 - [Bug] USPS: Added calculation of an intersection of shipping methods available for all packages. #BUG-3443 (Vladimir Semyonov)
  • 2016-07-08 - [Bug] REST API: A wrong address was given when providing information about an order if the customer had more than one address in the address book. #BUG-3441 (verde)
  • 2016-07-07 - [Bug] Added a search form on the Vendor statistics page. #XCN-6759 (verde)
  • 2016-07-07 - [Bug] On the Vendor transactions page, a wrong transactions total was displayed when searching by a data range. #XCN-6785 (verde)
  • 2016-07-07 - [Bug] Added pagination on the Vendor statistics page. #BUG-3411 (Michael Lipinski)
  • 2016-07-01 - [Bug] In the product filter on a category page, attributes with only disabled products were displayed; selecting such attributes produced empty search results. Now such attributes are hidden in the filter. #BUG-3428 (verde)
  • 2016-06-28 - [Bug] ShippingCalc: The product weight was sent without the product attributes used to change the base weight. #BUG-3407 (Michael Lipinski)
  • 2016-06-27 - [Bug] XC/MultiCurrency module: Fixed the sorting order of currencies on the storefront. #BUG-3414 (Vladimir Semyonov)
  • 2016-06-17 - [Bug] PayWithAmazon module: Fixed a potential js-error at checkout with a coupon applied. #BUG-3401 (Vladimir Semyonov)
  • 2016-06-16 - [Bug] The subject of email notifications contained special HTML entities ('&' instead of just '&') if the company name contained the '&' char. Fixed. #BUG-3399 (Vladimir Semyonov)
  • 2016-06-13 - [Bug] XC/SystemField: Error when exporting a product with defined UPC/ISBN values and importing it back. Fixed. #BUG-3392 (Vladimir Semyonov)
  • 2016-06-13 - [Bug] CDev/Egoods module: Private attachments were not activated after a successful payment. Fixed. #BUG-3393 (Vladimir Semyonov)
  • 2016-06-09 - [Bug] MultiVendor: A product page in the store's back end crashed (caused by memory overflow with a large number of users in the store's database). #BUG-3381 (Michael Lipinski)
  • 2016-06-07 - [Bug] X-Cart fails under MySQL 5.7.x due to "ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY" sql_mode. Fixed. #BUG-3040 (Kirill Stadler)
  • 2016-06-07 - [Bug] Export: Added an option to skip attributes from the export products file. #BUG-3368 (Vladimir Semyonov)
  • 2016-06-07 - [Bug] CDev/Wholesale module: A wrong error message was displayed in the shopping cart if the cart contained items with a quantity less than the minimum allowed quantity. Fixed. #BUG-3366 (Vladimir Semyonov)
  • 2016-05-27 - [Bug] CDev\AmazonS3Images: Infinite loop when some images could not be moved to/from S3. Added support for migrating the images linked to several objects. #BUG-3306 (Vladimir Semyonov)
  • 2016-05-24 - [Bug] CDev/Sales module: Fixed the calculation of subtotal for products with a percentage sale discount. #BUG-3282 (Vladimir Semyonov)
  • 2016-05-24 - [Bug] AOM: The address popup was not working correctly if an address field contained the '#' character. #BUG-3281 (Vladimir Semyonov)