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page last edited on 10 June 2019

Admin Style Guide

Version: 5.4 and early

X-Cart has general rules for the representation of all elements in the store Admin area. These rules are meant to unify the design of the admin area pages that increase the overall software usability.

XC5 Public Styleguide is the collection of layouts with all elements of the X-Cart software interface existing by far.

XC5 Public Styleguide helps a software developer to spend less time on coding the interface elements as it allows using the existing standard elements (such as text areas, widgets for images uploading, calendar, icons, headers, etc.) instead of adding a new CSS code block in a module each time it's necessary to match the new module design to the X-Cart software interface.

In case a software developer needs to add new elements to the Admin area interface that are not yet present in the X-Cart core, the general rules of the XC5 Public Styleguide should be taken as a basis for the elements creation including but not limited to complying with the marked indents inside and outside elements, the sizes and the colors of fonts, buttons and icons, etc.

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