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page last edited on 27 November 2017

X-Cart file structure

Version: 5.4 and early


This article describes the general structure of X-Cart files. We will walk through main folders of X-Cart and explain what classes are there.

X-Cart structure

Main codebase of X-Cart 5 is located in <X-Cart>/classes/XLite directory. This code represents all business logic of the software.

  • <X-Cart>/classes/XLite/Controller/ directory contains X-Cart controllers. The purpose of controller class is to process request, prepare data received and dispatch the request to proper viewer class if needed.
  • <X-Cart>/classes/XLite/View/ directory contains X-Cart view classes. View classes are responsible for displaying various parts of the store. There are many sub-folders in this directory, but there are some that are widely used in different parts of the software.
    • <X-Cart>/classes/XLite/View/FormField folder contains view classes that render different types of input fields;
      • <X-Cart>/classes/XLite/View/FormModel and <X-Cart>/classes/XLite/View/Model directories contain view classes that define how form of entity creation will look like (e.g. product, category, news list, etc)
      • <X-Cart>/classes/XLite/View/ItemsList folder contains view classes that define various item lists in customer and admin areas;
  • <X-Cart>/classes/XLite/Core directory contains classes that define core entity of the store, e.g. database, http request wrappers, translation drivers etc.
  • <X-Cart>/classes/XLite/Logic folder contains classes that define complex routines, e.g. import, export, tax calculation, image resizing, etc.
  • <X-Cart>/classes/XLite/Model directory contains model classes. Every entity in the store is represented by a model class: product, category, order, user, etc.
  • <X-Cart>/classes/XLite/Module folder contains all modules' classes. It contains modules of default X-Cart package (developer IDs XC and CDev), paid X-Cart modules (developer ID QSL) and from 3rd party vendors.