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page last edited on 14 December 2016

X-Cart versioning

Version: 5.5.1


This article explains a rule of building X-Cart core and module versions. It started as two numbers, defining major and minor version. The versioning system has changed in X-Cart 5.3.0 version to use three numbers, which allows more flexibility and faster bugfix updates while ensuring changes that don't break API.

X-Cart 5.2.x and earlier versioning

X-Cart 5 has two numbers that identify the version of a core or a module. Let us take 5.1.10 version for example:

  • 5.1 (first two numbers) is a major version; this denotes significant API changes and new features;
  • 10 (third number) is a minor version, which denotes small API changes, bugfixes.

For a module to be compatible with X-Cart core, the major versions of the core and the module must be the same. For example, X-Cart 5.1.10 is compatible with Paypal module versions 5.1.0 or 5.1.1. However X-Cart 5.1.10 is not compatible with module versions 5.0.1 or 5.2.1. The minor version of a module does not have to be the same as the core minor version in order to work properly.

Module version is specified in the Main.php file:

  • getMajorVersion() method defines the major version of a module, e.g. 5.1;
  • getMinorVersion() method defines the minor version of a module, e.g. 10.

The minor version of a module serves developer needs. You usually start with the minor version 0, and if you fix some bug in the module, then you increase the module minor version by 1 and upload the updated module to the marketplace. This way your users will get an invitation to upgrade the module.

X-Cart 5.3.x versioning

Starting from X-Cart, both core and modules started using three number system (much like Semantic versioning), broken down into the parts (using version for example):

  • 5.3 --- major version;
  • 1 --- minor version;
  • 2 --- build (patch) version.

When submitting an update, increment the build version when you make backwards-compatible bug fixes only; in all other situations you must increase minor version. Also, when incrementing either major or minor version, build version must be reset to 0.

Also, when you release new bugfix version, you must include all changes to a new minor version, making it a cumulative upgrade. Thus you will allow the store administrator to choose either a bugfix update or a features upgrade.

X-Cart 5.4.x versioning

In the 5.4.x.x version we replaced some of the methods with corresponding field options in the main.yaml file.

getMajorVersion, getMinorVersion and getBuildVersion methods were replaced with version field. It should contain four numbers with the point delimiters between them (e.g. You may include two or three first numbers (5.4 or 5.4.0) but four is preferable to avoid confusion.