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page last edited on 26 May 2016

How to modify "Print Invoice" page

This article applies to the specific versions of software: X-Cart 5.2.16 and earlier
Version: 5.4 and early

I would like make some minor CSS changes to the print invoice page in the admin section of the store. How do I do that?

Step-by-step guide

Here are the steps involved:

  1. Install and activate "Custom Skin" module.

  2. Create the following custom script in your X-Cart installation:


  3. Add the following code to the custom script:

    namespace XLite\Module\XC\CustomSkin\View;
    abstract class AView extends \XLite\View\AView implements \XLite\Base\IDecorator
    * Return theme common files
    * @param boolean $adminZone Admin zone flag OPTIONAL
    * @return array
    protected function getThemeFiles($adminZone = null)
    $list = parent::getThemeFiles($adminZone);
    $list[static::RESOURCE_CSS][] = "modules/XC/CustomSkin/custom_style.css";
    return $list;
  4. Create your custom CSS files:

    • for admin back-end: skins/admin/en/modules/XC/CustomSkin/custom_style.css
    • for customer front-end: skins/default/en/modules/XC/CustomSkin/custom_style.css
  5. Add your custom code to the CSS files created, for example:

    .invoice-box .header .address strong {
    font-size: 27px !important;
    margin: 10px 10px 10px 14px;
  6. Re-generate X-Cart cache.

You can also view the source code of the print invoice page using a special URL, for example:


  • target=order

  • order_number=1

  • mode=invoice

are the required parameters to view the print out customer receipt page.