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page last edited on 12 October 2017

File structure of footer

Version: 5.4 and early


This article describes what templates are used to render footer section of customer area in X-Cart. By 'footer' we mean the section shown below: footer.png

Once you know what templates and view lists are used, you can change this section according to your needs.

This area is represented by the collection of templates and view classes assigned to layout.footer view list. You can see the call for this view list in skins/customer/main.twig template:

<!-- ... -->

<div id="page-wrapper">
<div id="page" class="{% if this.isForceChangePassword() %}force-change-password-page{% endif %}">
{{ widget_list('layout.main') }}
{{ widget_list('layout.footer') }}

layout.footer view list contains only one template in default X-Cart: layout/footer/main.footer.twig. This is the main template used for rendering footer area. However, its content is mainly a call for layout.main.footer view list:

# Footer
# @ListChild (list="layout.footer", weight="500")

<div id="footer-area">
{{ widget_list('layout.main.footer') }}

You can add your own <div> on the same level as <div id="footer-area"> and paint it separately from usual footer area. For that you should register your template inside layout.footer view list.

If you want to place your HTML code inside existing footer menu, you should register your template in layout.main.footer view list. Let us have a look at what templates and classes are registered in this list. There are three sections:

  1. 'Sign up for company news' section controlled by \XLite\Module\XC\NewsletterSubscriptions\View\SubscribeBlock class. This class is registered with 50 weight;
  2. Footer menu section controlled by \XLite\View\Menu\Customer\Footer class registered with 100 weight;
  3. 'Powered by X-Cart' section controlled by skins/customer/layout/footer/main.footer.section.twig template registered with 1000 weight.


\XLite\Module\XC\NewsletterSubscriptions\View\SubscribeBlock class that controls 'Sign up for company news' section uses customer/modules/XC/NewsletterSubscriptions/form/subscribe.twig template.

\XLite\View\Menu\Customer\Footer class that controls footer menu uses skins/layout/footer/footer_menu.twig template for rendering. But most stores use Simple CMS module that overrides this class and then X-Cart will use customer/modules/CDev/SimpleCMS/footer_menu.twig template instead.

skins/customer/layout/footer/main.footer.section.twig template calls for sidebar.footer view list, which contains only one template: customer/layout/footer/powered_by.twig.