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page last edited on 24 December 2014

Working with footer

Version: 5.4 and early


This article describes how developers can change look of footer area in customer store-front of X-Cart that looks as follows by default: footer-menu-default.png

For the sake of example, let us add a Visa/MasterCard logo between columns of links and copyright message.



There is a dedicated article about template structure of the footer, from which we know that 'Sign up for company news' section, columns of footer links and 'Powered by X-Cart' section belong to layout.main.footer view list. We are going to register our own template in this list with weight more between 100 and 1000, let us say, 500. This way we will display needed content between columns of links and copyright.

To get started we create an empty module with developer ID XCExample and module ID FooterDemo. Then, we create our template that will render Visa/Mastercard logo skins/customer/XCExample/FooterDemo/cards-logo.twig with the following content:

# @ListChild (list="layout.main.footer", weight="500")

<div class="cards-logo">
<img src="skins/customer/modules/XCExample/FooterDemo/img/mastercard-visa.png" />

This template just displays the image and registers this template in layout.main.footer view list. Of course, we should place the image to skins/customer/modules/XCExample/FooterDemo/img/mastercard-visa.png.

We also need to apply some CSS rules for smooth appearance. For that we register our CSS file by creating classes/XLite/Module/XCExample/FooterDemo/View/AView.php file with the following content:

// vim: set ts=4 sw=4 sts=4 et:

namespace XLite\Module\XCExample\FooterDemo\View;

* Abstract widget
abstract class AView extends \XLite\View\AView implements \XLite\Base\IDecorator
public function getCSSFiles()
return array_merge(

Besides that, we create the CSS file at skins/customer/modules/XCExample/FooterDemo/css/style.css and define its content as follows:

#footer-area .cards-logo {
width: 100%;

#footer-area .cards-logo img {
height: 80px; margin: auto; display: block;

Our mod is done. Now we need to re-deploy the store and check the results in customer store-front. Footer should look as follows: footer-with-card-logo.png

Module pack

You can download this module from here: XCExample-FooterDemo-v5_3_0.tar