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page last edited on 17 April 2015

Requests to external services

Version: 5.4 and early


Sometimes developers need to make a request to some external server and get a response from it. It can be done in order to get shipping rates, for instance. X-Cart has a wrapper around PEAR2 HTTP REQUEST lib that eases such task. This article shows an example of how to create requests to external services via X-Cart.


In order to show you the facility of making requests, we do not need a new module as we can show it via external X-Cart script. We create the <X-Cart>/test.php script with the following content: 

//X-Cart initializtion
require_once '';

// defining what page we are going to request
$url = '';

// creating HTTP Request object with a single param: URL
$request = new \XLite\Core\HTTP\Request($url);

Here are main parameters that can be defined for HTTP Request object

Data submitted in the request
$request->body = $someData;

Request headers
$request->setHeader('header_name', 'header_value');

Request method. GET is default
$request->verb = 'POST';

Setting request timeout value
$request->requestTimeout = 30;

// making request and getting HTTP Response object as a result
$response = $request->sendRequest();

// printing result

This script makes a request to and then prints HTML code of its main page as a result.