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page last edited on 12 January 2015

ItemsList options in customer area

Version: 5.4 and early


This article is in advanced explanation of how to use ItemsLists in customer area. It explains how to enable/disable pagination, apply some sorting or display options, etc.

ItemsList options

Main method that defines options of an ItemsList is defineWidgetParams(). See its implementation in the \XLite\View\ItemsList\Product\Customer\ACustomer class as an example: 

protected function defineWidgetParams()

$this->widgetParams += array(
static::PARAM_WIDGET_TYPE => new \XLite\Model\WidgetParam\Set(
'Widget type', static::WIDGET_TYPE_CENTER, true, $this->widgetTypes
static::PARAM_DISPLAY_MODE => new \XLite\Model\WidgetParam\TypeSet(
'Display mode', $this->getDefaultDisplayMode(), true, array()
static::PARAM_SHOW_DISPLAY_MODE_SELECTOR => new \XLite\Model\WidgetParam\Checkbox(
'Show "Display mode" selector', true, true
static::PARAM_SHOW_SORT_BY_SELECTOR => new \XLite\Model\WidgetParam\Checkbox(
'Show "Sort by" selector', true, true
static::PARAM_GRID_COLUMNS => new \XLite\Model\WidgetParam\Set(
'Number of columns (for Grid mode only)', 3, true, $this->getGridColumnsRange()
static::PARAM_ICON_MAX_WIDTH => new \XLite\Model\WidgetParam\Int(
'Maximal icon width', 0, true
static::PARAM_ICON_MAX_HEIGHT => new \XLite\Model\WidgetParam\Int(
'Maximal icon height', 0, true

These parameters are defined during widget initialization and you can override some values in the setWidgetParams() method. We will take a look at this method a bit later, but for now let us have a look at default parameters of product ItemsList:

  • PARAM_WIDGET_TYPE defines whether this ItemsList will be displayed in central area or in sidebar menu. By default, it will be displayed in the center;

  • PARAM_DISPLAY_MODE defines a default display mode for an ItemsList. Generally, it can be Grid, List or Table. By default, an ItemsList will be displayed according to the 'Default display mode for products list' option in 'Store setup > Cart & checkout' section in admin area;

  • PARAM_SHOW_DISPLAY_MODE_SELECTOR defines whether Display Mode selector must be shown or not. It is 'true' by default;

  • PARAM_SHOW_SORT_BY_SELECTOR defines whether Sort By selector must be shown or not. It is 'true' by default as well;

  • PARAM_GRID_COLUMNS defines how many columns of products should be displayed in Grid mode. It is 3 by default;

  • PARAM_ICON_MAX_WIDTH and PARAM_ICON_MAX_HEIGHT define a size of product thumbnails in this ItemsList. By default, these values are 0, which means that actual values will be defined based on ItemsList's type. These numbers are defined in the \XLite\View\ItemsList\Product\Customer\ACustomer::getIconSizes() method.

In our mods, we sometimes want to disable some of these parameters or define another values for them. It can be done in the setWidgetParams() method of an ItemsList widget: 

public function setWidgetParams(array $params)

// setting thumbnail sizes

// removing Display Mode selector

// another way of removing Display Mode selector